She Means Business [Local Rock Stars Read #1]

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She Means Business is the purpose primer every 25-year old woman needs.

I wish Carrie Green’s 2017 primer on living a purpose-driven professional and personal life was around when I was 25. She Means Business is a lighthearted and enjoyable primer for younger women just starting out in their careers or on a solopreneur journey.  

This one probably isn’t the best book for a mompreneur or any woman over around 30, probably. But don’t take that as a slight. There are hundreds of business and self-help books targeted towards women my age and older. It’s refreshing to see one so well done that, whether intentional or not, gears towards younger women. I’ll be sending this one to a few of my younger friends and my mentee. And, if you have a daughter/niece/sister/friend around college age, I recommend sending her a copy.


A few favorite moments from She Means Business


  • The three C’s of Resistance – These must be overcome before you can achieve anything interesting.
  • Lack of Clarity – If you don’t know what you want, you can’t make it happen.
  • A Lack of Confidence – Fear holds you back.
  • Lack of Competence – You don’t know what you don’t know.
  • Create a dreams/goals box and put things into it that makes you happy and remind you of what you want. Then, take it out when you are feeling down and need some inspiration. (Pg. 23)
  • Keep an emotional healthy journal. Write down how you’re feeling every hour for a week or so and track what causes your emotional highs, lows, and doldrums. (Pg. 54)

Stop thinking about your business/idea/blog as a thing. It’s an experience. (Pg. 110)

  • Create a Pinterest mood board and pin images of how you want your brand experience to feel (Pg. 113)
  • Use SumoMe to understand where the holes are with your website. (Pg. 116)
  • Network like crazy. Even if you’re an online business, get out in the real world and meet people. (Pg. 137)
  • Focus on one thing at a time. That’s when the breakthroughs happen. (Pg. 150)
  • Record your own affirmations to listen back to. The most powerful voice you can listen to is your own. (Pg. 152)
  • Can’t break through the income ceiling? You need to bash your money blocks first. Write out your money story. Create an affirmation. (Pg. 156 & 163)
  • Schedule focus days. Chunk tasks together and clear them faster. (Pg. 201)
  • Create your business hub. Learn more about how to do this on Carrie’s website. (Pg. 206)
  • Be patient and surround yourself with people who believe in you. (Pg. 239)

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Everyone who is trying to turn their ideas into reality and build a successful business feels discomfort at some stage. We’re all pushing ourselves to do things we’ve never done before…and it feels uncomfortable. Just know that this discomfort is not your destruction, it is your birth.

-Carrie Green


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That last point is perhaps the most important for any woman beginning her business or professional journey. It sure would have helped me to know there was plenty of time. So stop rushing, pick up a copy of She Means Business and get to work.



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