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Strategic Marketing

We work with you to create, implement, and optimize strategies that last. We are not a digital agency. We are a STRATEGY firm with deep experience in digital mediums and marketing. Learn more about how we help you maximize your impact by scrolling down…

Want to Grow Your Business with Sustainable Systems?

Do you need specialized support refining and implementing your strategic vision?

No more chicken-with-her-head-cut-off. No more throwing stuff against the wall. You know who you are and what you sell, but you’re not sure what your next move is or how to make your business sustainable.



  • You have a website, but you’re not sure if it’s working.
  • You’re thinking about a new product or service, but don’t know how to bring it into the world.
  • You think you can handle your social media, but you’re overwhelmed figuring it all out.
  • You want to sell things online or start an e-commerce store.
  • You need help understanding the changes and updates in the online world this year (What the heck is mobile-first again?!).
  • You struggle to communicate with your team and don’t think they understand your vision.
  • You’ve got analytics and data, but you have no idea how to read it or what to do with it.

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Business Strategy Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Strategic Planning for Teams

When you’re serious about moving forward with a system, getting the team on the same page, and moving your business to a new level of awesome…

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Get serious about your vision.

You’re no spring chicken. You’re a true pro and are serious about growth.

You already have a website that gets you a few leads. You’re making money in the offline world and have a few employees or partners. You’re tired of what everyone says you “have to do” and want someone to finally give you a simple, plain game plan for what you’re going to do. You’re afraid your choices are not quite right, so you end up doing nothing or staying on the same path that isn’t really working.

We’ve helped build several seven-figure companies – from e-commerce sites to local blue-collar service businesses. If you want a realistic understanding of what it is really going to take to build and maintain your project, business, or new idea then you are in the right place.




  • Develop systems that clear frustration and make life easier,
  • Make smart decisions based on data-driven analysis,
  • Create a plan you can execute on with focused energy,
  • Serve the people you want to serve your way,
  • Finally, have the freedom to take vacations and spend more time with your family while growing your business.

Your digital strategy plan is 100% custom tailored to you. Every company’s story is unique. Book a FREE consultation by clicking here

Social Media Training & Optimization

Teach your team how to kick the competition’s ass by using systematic social media strategies.

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Learn how to stop searching for clients by showing up in their searches instead.

The Local Rock Star Intensive teaches internal marketing teams and little-but-mighty biz owners how to use social media and other local search tools to have fun and get BIG results with their digital marketing.

Learn more about the Local Rock Star Intensive by registering for one of our FREE workshops here.

Analytics You Can Use

Take a data-driven approach to your digital marketing with analytics you can use to make fast-paced decisions about your marketing tactics.

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We partner with industry-leading analytics aggregator, Databox, to bring you meaningful reporting you can use to drive your decisions.

Currently only available to existing Genevieve Digital Clients, further expansion coming in 2019. Stay tuned!

Relevant SEO

Use modern SEO tactics to rank for the RIGHT searches for your business. No more irrelevant leads or web traffic that doesn’t turn into results!

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In the infinite world of the internet, it can be tempting to go big, national, or worldwide. Don’t get trapped in the fallacy of BIG.

To paraphrase Derek Sivers, you will be happier and wealthier if you are famous with 1,000 people than to be famous with the whole world.

Audit your existing site or set up a new SEO strategy with your ideal buyer in mind. The more relevant your website traffic is, the better your results from SEO will be. Learn more by scheduling an introductory SEO audit here.

Sales Enablement Training & Systems

Integrate your digital marketing and sales efforts with full support for sales training, CRM integration, collateral creation, and beyond.

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Give your sales team the tools they need to become Local Rock Stars for your brand.

Sales enablement training and systems provide a roadmap and a toolbox for your sales team. We provide your salespeople with the foundation they need to successfully engage potential buyers and move them through the buying process.

Ask yourself this question…Better yet, ask your sales reps…


Do you have the content, training, and tools to sell effectively?


For most small organizations, the answer is NO!

That’s where we come in. We will help your sales team achieve their goals (And better contribute to your company’s bottom line).

Your sales enablement program will include strategic planning, objective outlining, communications strategies, training, and collateral creation.


Is a sales enablement program right for my company?


Creation of a systematic sales process and training program is a great fit for you if:

  • You have more than three sales reps and not all of them perform at a high level,
  • Your team says (or you believe) that a lack of a CRM and other sales-related technology is making your team inefficient about follow up,
  • Your sales team complains about not having the brochures, presentations, scripts, or other materials to sell properly,
  • Your website lacks the needed content to help a salesperson move a prospect through the buyer’s journey.

At Genevieve Digital, our sales enablement systems are custom tailored to your team’s needs. Learn more by scheduling a needs assessment here.

DIY Coaching & Site Audits

An introductory service for those new to working with a strategy agent or still in the DIY budget zone

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I’ll give it to you exactly as I see it. No sugar coating. This review of your current site will help you understand what you need to change, what you’re doing right, and how to optimize for maximum results.




Do you know where you need to go, but are struggling with how to get there? In our live session (via video chat) we will reverse engineer your success. I’ll help you understand how to talk to developers, layout a plan for training your sales team or even help you understand the pieces of a conversion funnel that works. If you need to activate or accelerate a project, this session will do it.




Sessions are held via Zoom Conference or in-person for businesses located in Spring Hill, Florida area. Prior to our session, you will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire to help you articulate exactly what you’re looking for out of the session. Your video review will be sent to you prior to our session for review, so you can ask any questions you have. After our session, you’ll receive a recap report with action items to set you on your path. Session investment of $397, follow up packages available. Book your session by clicking here. Now booking for October 2018.


Growth-Driven Website Development

Don’t just build a pretty site. Build a digital salesperson for your business. When you’re ready to invest in serious sales from your website, we can help.

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Done-for-You Web Design, Digital Implementation, and Lead Generation



When you know you need a trusted partner to execute your vision and help you grow your business, this is for you. When you want a partner who will be there for you for the long haul, this is it. Genevieve Digital partners with a select group of clients on a retainer basis.


Partnerships are evaluated on an individual basis with customized strategies, proposals, and terms. Partnership packages start at $2200 per month plus setup costs. Currently booking for December 2018. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by clicking here.


Brand Design Strategy

Our Strategy + Premiere Design Agencies = A Brand Made for Raving Fans

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Branding without strategy is a recipe made for chaos. In partnership with premiere design agencies, we offer brand design that helps you cut through the noise and create raving fans who love your company. Inquire about branding options by clicking here.

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