What We Offer (And What We Don’t)


We hear a lot about jack-of-all-trades, multi-tasking, and being good-enough at everything.

Excuse my farm-girl language, but that’s a bunch of horse shit.

Yes, T-shaped marketers are important. We need to be able to work with people across many different disciplines. A digital strategist must have a bit of knowledge about social media, Adwords, web design, copywriting, graphic design and more. But a little knowledge that allows teams to work together isn’t a bragging point. It’s a baseline. The long leg of the T is where we want to be.


We focus on three core areas

Long-term Digital Strategy for Community Leaders

We work with you to create, implement, and optimize digital strategies that last. If you’re looking for a viral video, we’re not a great fit. If you’re comfortable handing off your social media management to an intern, we’re not a good fit. Our clients are tired of getting subpar results. We help you build an online presence that is flexible, impactful, and sustainable.

Process Design to help you Optimize Your Impact

Sustainability is all about replicable results. We don’t mean to brag, but the main ingredient in our not-so-secret sauce is process design. If your team creates engaging content, design, and inspiring messages, but has no understanding of how to keep a project on-time or on-budget, we can help.

Strategy + Focus Workshops for Fired-Up Teams

If your team is on the right track, but in need of cohesive strategy and focus, we will bring you together. We work with sales teams, leadership teams, and in-house digital teams to help hone skills and maximize the impact of your marketing and sales efforts.

The Three Rules

We like our structure, but don’t like lots of smelly disclosures. With that said, there are three important rules we ask you to abide by here. 

Be Nice | Genevieve.Digital

Be Nice.

Everything terrible about the internet is a result of violating this rule. Jerks will not be tolerated. If you want to give constructive feedback, ask for permission first and/or do it in private. Name calling, personal bashing, grammar police and general snotty attitudes suck. Please be nice.

Be a thoughtful leader.

Have something interesting to say? Want to share your philosophy on being a feisty world-changing badass? We want to share them! Submit a proposal for a guest post here. All chosen submissions earn $100. We know, it isn’t a lot, but we believe writers should be paid and want to start that off right now. As our profits increase and the site grows, we aim to offer contributors market rates.

Ask for help.

Confused about how something works? Need advice? Unsure if you’re ready? Ask someone in our community for help. You can join our Facebook Group here or submit your questions here. For bigger questions or projects, please schedule a consultation here.

Affiliate Disclosure

All the free tools at Genevieve Digital are created by our team. Occasionally, we share clearly marked affiliate links for products and services we use and love. We do make a little pocket change by sharing them, which goes back into developing more useful tools for you. We never recommend products/services that we haven’t used and loved ourselves.