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Renia has helped us create a systematic growth plan for our company. She’s helped me realize that I needed more than a website, I needed a plan. We’ve been working with Renia for almost three years and every year gets better!

Lisa Hannon

Founder, Mrs. Grout

Should you contact Genevieve Digital for help?

Our core services help fast-growing companies develop long-term strategic plans, digital strategies, and more.

Our favorite thing in the world is teaching your team how to use our strategies over and over again. We offer the following workshops to help your company at every stage:

One-on-One Virtual Sprint Days

Stressed about planning a new project or need a kick-start on one you’re putting off? Spend a day one-on-one with Renia to get focused, plan big projects, or get to DONE on lingering big-picture tasks.

Strategic Planning for Leadership Teams

Help your team set up a plan for the company, a new initiative, or a new division and maintain success over a 12-month period made up of four 13-Week Epics.

Social Media for Sales Teams 

Teach your go-getters how to kick the competition’s ass using systematic social media strategies. Renia has been helping sales teams use social media tactics to grow their bottom-line results for over 10 years.

The Save and Hustle 100-Day Challenge 

Complete a year’s worth of big results in a quarter of the time with our most in-demand program. Participate in our bi-annual open enrollment or bring us in to run a customized version of the program with your internal team.

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