Welcome to Genevieve Digital!

We want you to think of this as a learning center for feisty business leaders doing remarkable work.

My name is Renia Carsillo (pronounced R-eena)., and I am on a mission to help make Florida (our little corner of America) a happier place for women and families.

What’s your mission? What drives you to get out of that warm bed every day? What do you want to be known for?

Our Philosophy + Priority

The way many companies operate is broken. When everyone’s stressed out, anxious, and unsure of the next move, work isn’t a fun place to be.

In my travels, I’ve worked with a handful of companies that are the opposite. These are places where the staff is purpose-driven and productive. They are lead by feisty, focused dreamers who are 100% clear about the direction the company needs to follow. These companies all have three priorities in common. We’re always aiming to follow their lead. Those three priorities are:

People First.

Everything we do is about people. We don’t make a hire if we can’t afford to pay fair and offer benefits. We don’t offer anything to our customers we wouldn’t buy ourselves. We won’t take on clients who are a drain on their communities. In everything we do, people come first.


Systems Second.

Even the most talented people fail to produce awesome work without a system to replicate their successes. Sustainable systems are the second most important piece of a thriving company. We help companies implement systems for long-term growth, not short-term hacks.

Innovations Third.

Wait, third?! Yes. People come first. Sustainability through systems comes second. Only after these two pieces are running well does a company safely dive into repeatable creative development. To innovate, we need space to fail. That only comes when we’ve created a container of success and teamwork that offers a safe place to swim.

Genevieve Digital will help you create the systems you need to put people first and make a great living. You know you’re ready for us when you have a few of the right people in place already. That’s when you’re ready to figure out how to optimize so you can innovate.

Genevieve Digital exists to help community leaders optimize their impact.


We do this by helping you create a smart digital strategy for long-term sustainability. Every day we do battle with conventional beliefs about marketing to help you design a life you love.


Design a life you love? What does that have to do with business strategy?!

In a word? Everything.

Think about your fierce mompreneur friend, we’ll call her Sue.

Her youngest son is a freshman at the high school, and her daughter is heading off to college. Her husband is a supportive guy who loves her and kisses her goodbye every morning. Life seems pretty good for Sue. To make it even better, she got a yes on that big contract she was negotiating. It’s her biggest deal ever. Time to party, right?

Maybe not.

We know Sue is loved, making money, and she has a closet full of cute shoes…She is the woman we all dream of being, right?

Well, except this giant chin-hair-sized problem…

Sue works 12-hour days, pretty much every day. Between her business, soccer practices, workouts and feeding the family she never has a moment to enjoy the results of her hard work. Sue never has a moment to act on her dream to fix up the local youth shelter, or plan that long needed vacation, or have a spa day…She’s too exhausted.

Sue traded loving her life for the lie that she could have it all.


Growth in Woman-Owned Businesses Between 2007 and 2016


Precent of Women Who Report Daily Feelings of Overwhelm

How many of you feel like Sue?

If you feel like your business is running you, we can help.

Building a successful business won’t make you happy if you sacrifice your life in the process.

We work with businesses large and small, but we only work with companies committed to making the world a kinder place…

That means being kind to yourself and your family too.

We help women like Sue step out of the frazzled fray and into a successful, sustainable business that supports a beautiful life.

Genevieve Digital began, under the horrible name C2B Development, in 2008.

Like Sue, I worked 80-hour workweeks as a bank Vice President.

My bosses loved me, but I had two little boys at home I never saw and no identity outside the office. No fun!

I was 25 and already burned out.

On December 31, 2008 I worked my last day in the corporate world.

Since then I have worked with business owners of all types and jumped head first into process design to construct the Genevieve Digital approach to online marketing. After eight years of mad experimentation, Genevieve Digital emerged in late 2016.

The Genevieve Digital Team and I welcome you to the funhouse/strategy lab that is our virtual home.

We hope you find something here that makes your business more profitable, fun, and innovative.

We want to celebrate your journey with you.

Thank you for being a part of our party. It’s your celebration too, and we want to give you big high fives and jazz hands for your successes (big or small).

To share your stories and hop in on the fun, join us on the social webs at…

Meet the Genevieve Digital Team

Renia Carsillo

Renia Carsillo

Chief Strategist

Renia Carsillo believes marketing should be less Mad Men, and more Ben & Jerry’s. Her philosophy of values-driven digital strategy evolved over 10 years of running campaigns and training sales teams. She’s ran Twitter engagement teams at multi-lingual conferences, written copy for best-selling authors, trained fortune 1000 companies on social media sales strategies and designed winning SEO strategies for three multi-million dollar eCommerce brands. She is also the author of five books that have nothing to do with marketing. If you’re looking for Renia during her off hours, you’ll find her on a Florida trail, somewhere between the scrub brush and a Carl Hiaassen novel.

Craig Schreiber

Craig Schreiber

Sales Director

Craig has spent the past 20 years in sales. He believes that helping other people get what they want is the key to happy relationships and his methods helped him perform at an elite level. His love for helping others succeed inspired him to join Renia in her business in 2017. Today, he handles relationship development and local optimization for Genevieve Digital, so Renia can spend more time creating strategies with clients. Craig plays golf on Sundays, bakes bread twice per week for Renia and the boys, and is generally enjoying life.