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Our Philosophy + Priority

The way many companies operate is broken. When everyone’s stressed out, anxious, and unsure of the next move, work isn’t a fun place to be.

In my travels, I’ve worked with a handful of companies that are the opposite. These are places where the staff is purpose-driven and productive. They are lead by feisty, focused dreamers who are 100% clear about the direction the company needs to follow. These companies all have three priorities in common. We’re always aiming to follow their lead. Those three priorities are:

People First.

Everything we do is about people. We don’t make a hire if we can’t afford to pay fair and offer benefits. We don’t offer anything to our customers we wouldn’t buy ourselves. We won’t take on clients who are a drain on their communities. In everything we do, people come first.


Systems Second.

Even the most talented people fail to produce awesome work without a system to replicate their successes. Sustainable systems are the second most important piece of a thriving company. We help companies implement systems for long-term growth, not short-term hacks.

Innovations Third.

Wait, third?! Yes. People come first. Sustainability through systems comes second. Only after these two pieces are running well does a company safely dive into repeatable creative development. To innovate, we need space to fail. That only comes when we’ve created a container of success and teamwork that offers a safe place to swim.

Genevieve Digital will help you create the systems you need to put people first and make a great living. You know you’re ready for us when you have a few of the right people in place already. That’s when you’re ready to figure out how to optimize so you can innovate.

Our Values

We are committed to creating kinder, thriving workplaces. Our core values infuse everything we do…


Legacy of Kindness

We put people first and only work with companies who do the same. Effective communication, family-friendly workforces, and inclusion are the hallmarks of brands we help and want to emulate. In everything we do, the team at Genevieve Digital is committed to making our communities kinder places to work.

Sustainable Strategy

You won’t find marketing hacks here. We believe in sustainable, systematic growth strategies that help you build the right growth into your brand over time.

Thriving in Change

The world is changing quickly. Constant education and openness to change is critical to success in this environment. We are open-hearted and open-minded about the future.

Our Awesome Team

Renia Carsillo

Renia Carsillo

Founder & Chief Strategist

Renia believes marketing should be less Mad Men, and more Ben & Jerry’s. Her philosophy of values-driven digital strategy evolved over 10 years of running campaigns and training sales teams. She’s run Twitter engagement teams at multi-lingual conferences, written copy for best-selling authors, trained fortune 1000 companies on social media sales strategies and designed winning SEO strategies for three multi-million dollar eCommerce brands. She is also the author of five books that have nothing to do with marketing. If you’re looking for Renia during her off hours, you’ll find her on a Florida trail, somewhere between the scrub brush and a Carl Hiaassen novel.

Craig Schreiber

Craig Schreiber

Sales Manager

Craig has spent the past 20 years in sales. He believes that helping other people get what they want is the key to happy relationships and his methods helped him perform at an elite level. His love for helping others succeed inspired him to join Renia in her business in 2017. Today, he handles relationship development and local optimization for Genevieve Digital.

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